Annie Leibovitz, Pirelli calendar and loving ourselves


I have to admit, I am a little bit in love with the new Pirelli calendar shot by Annie Leibowitz. It pushes so many important buttons for me.

Celebrating women for who they are, in whatever stage in life they happen to be.

Showing their personalities, celebrating achievements, telling stories of lives lived to the full, interesting and inspiring.

To me these photographs are striking and real.

They have not been created with the aim of exciting male audience, to display a collection of pretty bodies – perfect, sexy, and boringly interchangeable. These are images of remarkable people photographed in an empowering and sensitive way.

When there is nudity, it is there for a reason. And it is real, not digitally altered to perfection.

Professional Photographer of the Year awards

I’m really happy and proud to have been shortlisted for the Professional Photographer of the Year award for my Portfolio of three images!

Agata Szymanowicz, Agata Photography, Professional Photographer of the Year

The competition is very tough – there are thousands of submissions every year – and to be shortlisted already feels like a great achievement. Now the waiting for the final results begins…

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One more Professional Photographer magazine publication!


Thinking inside the bathtub [Professional Photographer Magazine publication]

It is a great thing to see one’s images printed in a magazine aiming at professional photographers. But to see them published twice, month by month, is just fantastic!

This month Professional Photographer magazine published more images judged as favourites to win the Professional Photographer of the Year competition. This time my family portrait stood out for the judges and was selected from all the submissions so far! (The competition closes at the end of the month.)


Family_portrait WITH QUOTE


This photograph is one of my all time favourites. And thinking about the moment I took it always makes me smile. When I do family photography sessions in my clients’ homes I always start from looking around the house for the best light. This time the best light happened to be… in the bathroom. And not only the light – as you can see the background was pretty amazing too! So I was pretty insistent on using that particular spot. You would never guess that the dad is actually standing in the bathtub, would you?!

The image below was one of the three published last month (you can read more about it HERE)



Travel photography Professional Photographer of the Year competition



I think I may start sending my photographs for more competitions in future!