ANNA – Stories of motherhood [Family portrait photographer North London]

Mum and baby portrait – London family photographer

“It was during one of the most traumatic experiences of my life when I realised what being a parent truly meant to me. I was in hospital over the Christmas and New Year period and then some. My son was just two and my daughter four. I was in a lot of pain even with the strong painkillers but could navigate it mentally due to my experience of the births of my two children. This was a fortuitous side effect of being a mother in this scenario; learning to lean into the experience and not to fight it. But it was a difficult time for me, not only because of the pain and the fact I was bedbound, but because I was so used to being physically able to care for my children. And here I was, unable to give them what was second nature and entirely taken for granted. I would not see my children for several days at a time. This made me feel my pain more. When my children were at my bedside, I would feel the pain noticeably ease, my focus and energy entirely on them, almost forgetting my physical self. To me, parenthood has come to mean erasing limitations and conquering restrictions in order to envelope your children in your love.”

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