Family Portraits

In my family portrait sessions I photograph not just the way you look but who you are – as individuals and as a family.

I want the photographs I take to look like pieces of art, a bit like old paintings, with gorgeous light bringing out the beauty and character of the people in them.

Elegant, ascetic and simple, without anything that would distract from the main subject – you, your children and the special bond between you.

It is fine art portraiture at its best.

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Family Portraits

Reasons to book a family portrait session

Studio portraits are about concentrating on the individuals and what makes them unique. They are also about relationships – your family and connections between you. No messy backgrounds or unnecessary distractions. Together we will craft gorgeous portraits, with beautiful, flattering light and every detail taken care of. Simple and elegant portraiture at its best.

Are you not a fan of having your photos taken? I am confident I can help you feel relaxed and guide you through the session to achieve great results. Many of my clients, nervous at first, afterwards said that they really enjoyed the experience!

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I absolutely believe that every woman is beautiful. But it can be easy to forget about it when most of the time you are busy looking after other people. Between the pregnancy, labour and then the wonderful but also challenging reality of raising children many of us feel less than glamorous. Having your photos taken can help you feel great about yourself. It is about your children, your family, and your role as a mother. But it is also about you as a woman. And a beautiful one!

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I don’t put time limits on my sessions so we will be able to work around your children - be it changing and cuddling a newborn or helping a pre-schooler to relax - and create many beautiful photographs showing exactly how amazing and unique they are.

As a mum I completely understand how precious and delicate your new baby is. I have undergone specialist training in photographing newborns and can do this in a beautiful, gentle and, above all, safe way, sensitive to your newborn's needs.

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But don’t just take my word for it.

Here is what one of my clients said after a studio portrait session with her newborn baby Joseph:

“Agata was fantastic in making sure that we worked around Joseph and his needs, slotting the photos in around his feeds and nappy changes. As a result we were all relaxed and comfortable. She has a brilliant set-up with the studio and it feels like home from home. She was also great at settling Joseph. The fact that Agata is a mum herself means she has a very good understanding of what will work well and when the little ones may have had enough!

We are thrilled and so grateful to have this special time captured so beautifully. Agata took our wedding photographs and it means a lot to us that she was able to document this amazing next chapter in our lives. Thank you!”

But don’t just take my word for it

Family portraits

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