Family documentary photography

This style of photography can be called many different things: reportage, candid, ‘day in the life’. I personally like ‘family storytelling’.

During documentary sessions there is no posing or forcing anything to happen. It is you and your loved ones, hanging out, having a lazy breakfast, playing in the garden or reading stories. Just the way you are when you are enjoying quality time together. And me, quietly in the background, documenting the day as it unfolds.

I call it the magic of everyday. A bit like photographing the essence, the spirit of a family. And I specialise in capturing it in a beautiful and unique way.

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Five reasons to book a family documentary session:

Each family is unique, with its own rituals and quirks. Through the documentary photographs you get to observe your own life from a different perspective, see things you may not normally notice. The bond between your children. The mischief they get up to when you are not around. The glint in your partner’s eyes when he looks at you. You can also see yourself differently - what a great job you are doing as a parent, how hard you work and how utterly loved you are.


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Time is fleeting. Before you know it your fragile newborn turns into an intrepid crawler. And then he also is gone. Every time you celebrate something new you also say good bye to something. Documentary family sessions give you a snapshot in time so you can always remember and relive it in future.

Having a professional photographer document your family is different than photographing your children yourself. This way you are in the pictures too and they capture not only portraits but relationships, interactions and emotions between you. Which are the things that really matter.

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In later years your children will love seeing their own pictures and hearing stories about themselves. You can snuggle up with them, a photo album in hand, and show them how things once were. Where you all lived. What you used to do together. How they were looked after, cuddled, and loved. From the very beginning.

These sessions are best for people who value beautiful photography but would like to approach it in a more spontaneous way. You don’t have to worry about posing or smiling. You just get to do what you do best – being yourself and interact with those whom you love most. And let me capture the beauty and magic that unfolds.

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But don’t just take my word for it.

Here is what one of my clients said:

“We were worried that it would be awkward and hard to act naturally with the camera there in the background. We needn't have been. Agata has a knack of making you feel at ease and after a short while we forgot it was a photo session and started having fun. Agata is an incredible photographer. She has an eye for capturing fleeting moments and expressions and creating images that are the antithesis of posed portraits.” (Ayesha)

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But don’t just take my word for it

Meet the families

Please have a look at these short videos to get a better sense of what you could expect from this kind of session. (Don’t forget to turn the volume up and click full screen!)


Family documentary photography

Family portraits


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