About Agata

I am a family photographer, a creative perfectionist and a very imperfect mum. I live in Highgate, London, and specialise in documentary and portrait photography.

Or, to put it in other words, I make time stand still, exactly where you want it to.

I capture emotions and relationships.

I tell stories of happiness and love through pictures.

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About Agata

What Else?

I love my job.
I care about what I do.
I know how to do it well.

I create exquisite family heirlooms for my clients, a legacy of love to be proudly passed on to the future generations.


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What Else?

A Few Facts About Me

My favourite word is ‘fish’. And ‘fishy’. And the expression ‘to fish something out’. I even call my daughter a little fish. I also call her 'my little beetle'. Thinking about it, I call her a lot of little animal names!

I am a photographer and a psychologist. But not the kind that will analyse you and figure your thoughts - it's a myth, but I wish I could! I used to work with children (and those experiences are still very helpful in my photography work with families) and then in business consulting.

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A Few Facts About Me

I love moody European films about hardships and meaning of life. My husband complains the gloomier and more depressing they are the more likely I am to insist on watching them.

The expression ‘to flog a dead horse’ always makes me giggle.

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Family documentary photography

Family portraits


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